The Happy Birth Club – Ante-Natal Classes

Mondays / Wednesday evenings: 7.00-8.30pm at The City Barge, Strand-on-the-Green and 7-8.30pm at The Little Gym, Chiswick. Once you register your enquiry, we will send exact session dates that suit the birth due dates of your group.

Unlike many other courses, we invite partners to every session. They don’t have to come but they just keep coming back! This means that dads are fully equipped to support their partners before, during and after the birth. Dads-to-be enjoy meeting like-minded blokes who are also slightly terrified! Our groups are 5 – 8 couples which means everyone is heard but the mood is still lively. Time is also available if you wish to speak privately to our midwife at the end.

Session 1 – Wellbeing & Place of Birth (2 hours) Relaxed introduction to our team and each other. Your physical preparation for birth (nutrition, acupuncture, exercise etc) followed by a discussion on your choices for Place of Birth: labour wards, birth centres or home? Where would you feel safest? 7pm in the private Harrowden Room at The City Barge. With Midwife Pam, Beverley and handpicked, local holistic experts.

Session 2 – Labour (90 minutes) Fun exercises to explain what is happening and why. The importance of early labour; coping mechanisms; all types of pain relief (gas and air, Tens machine, water, hypnosis, pethidine, diamorphine, epidural etc). Understanding the language that birth attendants might use and what choices you can make. 7.30pm in the spacious surroundings of The Little Gym. With Midwife Pam and Beverley.

Session 3 – Social Night Informal night down the pub to get to know each other. It’s as simple and fun as that!

Session 4 – Hypnobirthing (90 minutes) An exclusive Happy Birth Club introduction to the vital skill of deep relaxation for birth: breathing and visualisations in the cosy soft play area of The Little Gym. Hosted by Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Lucia Mizzoni. Includes MP3 download.

Session 5 – Birth (90 minutes) With Professor Donald Gibb. Listen to 30 years of experience from former NHS King’s College Hospital Consultant Obstetrician and owner of Harley Street’s Birth Company. Natural and Caesarean Births covered. All questions answered by the super-popular Donald.

Session 6 – Aromatherapy (90 minutes) With Chelsea & Westminster Birth-Centre midwife, Flora Sollars. Fascinating class on the use of essential oils and massage for pregnancy and birth. 7.30pm at The Little Gym.

Session 7 – Breastfeeding (90 minutes) With Midwife & Lactation Consultant, Chloe Dymond. This will really get you thinking about the pros and cons of breast and bottle feeding. Physiology, positions, latching, potential challenges and tongue-tie information. Plus Bev & Pam.

Session 8 – Partners at birth & Life With A Newborn (2 hours) – Specific focus on the role of your birth partner/dad-to-be. Great tips for practical, emotional and physical support (also attended by Bev’s husband, James Cracknell). Final hour on what to expect in the first 6 weeks: self-care and baby-care; choices around help-at-home; managing your expectations and how to stay happy and balanced as a new family. As this is our final get-together, we order dinner and celebrate your imminent arrivals!

Session 9 – Home Visit at your convenience from Pam soon after birth to support you. Feeding advice if needed; self-care; baby check.

Session 10 – New Mummies meet up! Coffee and conversation with Bev & Pam; a chance to debrief your experiences and meet all the new babies!

Whole course for 2 people – £400

The price includes :-

  • A copy of the Happy Birth Book
  • Ongoing midwife support by phone and email
  • 8 ante-natal classes
  • 1 informal social pub gathering with your group
  • 1 post-natal new Mummies meetup with Bev and Midwife Pam
  • 1 post-natal visit from Midwife Pam to your home at your convenience after your baby is born
  • Three parent and baby classes at The Little Gym (usual cost £60)
  • WhatsApp group inclusion for ongoing support
  • Discounted rate on our post-natal course
  • Exclusive discounts from baby/pregnancy brands with which we are partnered
  • Priority access to local health specialists

“Given the expertise of the speakers and the amount of time with the experts, this course is definitely value for money.”

We understand the needs of mums and know that you do not always want to attend a full ante-natal course. So we offer a ‘bespoke’ Refresher service. You can choose to attend any number of the First-Time classes depending on your needs. Perhaps you are interested in Hypnobirthing? Or wish to hear our Obstetrician? We love having ‘already-mums’ on our courses because of the wisdom that they bring. And we guarantee that you WILL have a better birth experience this time around.

What do I do now?
As with the First-Timers, we schedule your classes around your due date. So fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch with the course dates for you. It’s only £50 per session for you and your partner.

Special Extra
We highly recommend that already-mummies have a one-to-one birth ‘debrief’ session with our Independent Midwife, Pam Wild. This is a great way to work out exactly what happened last time and put the bad bits behind you in preparation for your birth. Pam offers this service at a convenient time and place for you at an extremely discounted Happy Birth Club rate of £75.

Please click on the ‘Classes’ tab to see details and Contact us via the form so that we can tailor your experience to your needs.

“As a second time mum, you think well I’ve done it all before…what more can I learn from an antenatal course….well I learnt a bunch of great stuff!!! :)”
Kath, baby born April 2014.

“Great Antenatal class! The chats reminded me of all the nitty-gritties. The mini session on Natal Hynotherapy was very relaxing and focused the mind.”
Laura Bottega, 3rd c-section