City Kids Magazine – Spring 2018 – Baby-faced Genius

Baby-faced Genius

One of the great joys of running ante-natal classes (I hate that word – you are adults who have had sex – classrooms are for kids) is meeting the babies who we started to know as bumps. Myself and the midwife spend eight weeks laughing, listening and learning with couples who are about to become […]

City Kids Magazine – Winter 2017 – About Baby Showers

About Baby Showers

Nothing leaves me as conflicted as the ‘Baby Shower.’ As a party girl at heart who will never refuse a glass of fizz and adores hanging out with fecund and fabulous pregnant women, I should love the idea of a pre-baby celebration. But I don’t. There – I’ve said it. I’m an ante-natal teacher and baby showers […]

Smallish Magazine – October 2017 – Power of Three

Power of Three

Dear Kate,

Lift your head out of the loo for just a moment, we need a chat. First up, fist pump to you for getting right royally up the duff again given that you suffer nuclear-grade vomiting. To face 40 weeks of having the butler deliver little more than dry crackers and ginger tea, you must have really wanted […]

City Kids Magazine – Summer 2017 – Holidays with kids

Holidays with kids

The sun is out, bags are being packed and we have entered ‘oxymoron season’ – time to go on ‘holiday’ with the kids. For, as any (honest) parent will tell you, there is no such thing. The husband and I share a joke about the moment he sets the house alarm, while me and our three […]

City Kids – Spring 2017 – Information Overload

Information Overload

What superpower would best equip a mum-to-be for the cataclysmic change that accompanies having a baby? The ability to function on zero sleep? Teleportation to get Amanda’s Action Kids in the rain when you need to change a poonami nappy at the last minute? Or, super strength allowing you to hold a baby in one arm, whilst effortlessly loading […]

Smallish Magazine – February 2017 – Beating the Blues

Beating the blues

This isn’t a fun game for a spring evening, but guess the biggest killer of women who go through childbirth. Is it excessive bleeding? Undetected infections? Nope. Women are most likely to die during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth at their own hands – suicide is the biggest killer of new mums, and despite all […]

Smallish Magazine – January 2017 – Positive Pain

Positive Pain

Think of one word that you associate with giving birth… OK, done? Great. Now, if you are yet to become a mum, the chances are you thought of ‘pain,’ ‘agony’ or ‘uncontrollable’; and if you have already experienced birth, maybe ‘diffcult,’ ‘dehumanised’ or – hopefully – ‘amazing’ spring to mind.

Interestingly, women who have tricky or even traumatic births, rarely […]

Smallish Magazine – June 2016 – The C Word

The C Word

Contrary to popular belief, a Caesarean section does not get its name from Julius Caesar. That’s just one of the many elements of b******t that surrounds the issue of extracting a baby through a ‘cut’ (caesa in Latin) in the abdomen. Others include the belief that it’s the ‘easy option’, that it’s risk-free and that it hurts less. […]

Smallish Magazine – March 2016 – A better choice

A better choice

In March 2015, the relatively unknown Baroness Julia Cumberlege was quietly sent off on a mission that had the potential to change millions of women’s lives. Without any press fanfare she began the National Maternity Review – a year-long study to assess the state of maternity care in the UK. There was no expert she didn’t interview; […]

Smallish Magazine – July 2015 – How much is too much?

How much is too much?

I have a confession to make: I host antenatal classes in a pub. I know, it sounds a bit weird, rather like holding Weight Watchers meetings in the warm and wafty surrounds of  a bakery, or forcing Russell Brand to pay attention to a midwife while semi-naked women lap-dance around him. But it works. It works […]