Imperial College Baby Guide – Spring 2015 – Empowered Ante-Natal Sessions

The Happy Birth Club – Lowdown on Ante-natal sessions

Discovering that you are pregnant can be the start of an exciting but lonely and frightening experience for many women. It can feel as though everyone else is fully informed, while you’re unsure of the difference between a Birth Centre and a Labour Ward and thought that Braxton Hicks was an American […]

City Kids Magazine – Spring 2015 – Dads Role

Beverley Turner on the role of Dads throughout your pregnancy

Remember how you used to love your partner when they gave you the last forkful of dessert? Once you become parents and romantic meals are a distant memory, love is knowing that your other half will wipe your kid’s note with their fingers. Maintaining romance while surviving the baby and toddler […]

Baby London – September 2014 – Chloe Delevingne

Chloe Delevingne talks about the arrival of baby Atticus and her new Mama must haves

Amongst others these include attending antenatal sessions with The Happy Birth Club, at Maggie & Rose organised by the brilliant Beverley Turner, with the help of two midwives. Covering all aspects of birth including feeding and natal hypnotherapy, & a great opportunity to meet other mums. […]

Baby&Me – July 2014 – Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is Journalist and broadcaster Beverley Turner’s Passion.

My obsession with maternity care began ten years ago after having my first baby. It was a very positive experience, but I was disturbed by the fact that I was in the minority and set about spending much of the next decade researching, writing and lecturing about current problems with labour and […]

Angels and Urchins – Summer 2014 – Antenatal Classes in Chiswick

Antenatal Classes in Chiswick – The Happy Birth Club

In January 2014 Beverley Turner launched The Happy Birth Club at Maggie & Rose – offering antenatal classes in Chiswick. A refreshing approach to preparing women and their partners for giving birth and beyond.

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