“ It’s so rare to meet people that talk about birth in a positive way. People don’t believe me when I say I loved giving birth …but I did. And that is thanks…almost entirely, to Pam Wild , my midwife…When I heard that she and Beverley had teamed up I just thought …how lovely! Two advocates of positive birth coming together to spread their knowledge and wealth of experience . I love them both …a lot.”

Davina McCall, TV Presenter

“It was so useful to have the opportunity to discuss concerns objectively in a calm and relaxed environment with different inputs from Bev and a variety of experts. I can think of nothing that can be improved upon.”

Leonie, baby born March 2014

“Becoming a dad can be really scary. This course will give you a head start. Pam Wild is an amazingly experienced midwife who gave my wife Carolin and I huge confidence to have two calm homebirths.”

Matt Dawson, Rugby World Cup Winner and TV presenter

“Great course! The chats reminded me of all the nitty-gritties. The mini session on Natal Hynotherapy was very relaxing and focused the mind.”

Laura, 3rd C-section

“Thanks so much! Honestly, your sessions have all been so fantastic and have transformed my approach to childbirth. I still feel a bit nervous when I think about the intense bits but I also trust that my body knows better than anyone how to do it and that it will all be manageable this time if I don’t try to fight it. I look back at my Ante-Natal classes before my first baby and wonder what on earth the point was as I didn’t learn anything very much of use, so I hope mums realise how much more they can get out of doing classes like yours.”

Georgina, third baby

“It was such a lovely experience each time we met and I felt so fortunate to hear from you, and each person you brought in each time, be it Pam, Sheena, Maggie etc. everyone was so kind and encouraging and it really was exactly what I needed to prepare”.

Nathalie, First Baby born April 2014

The Happy Birth Club Antenatal course has prepared both my partner and I about the reality of childbirth. We both feel the relaxed, yet informative sessions have greatly helped us grasp what to expect in a positive and empowering way. The instructors are very knowledgeable and communicate very effectively to each individual. I have truly gained a greater confidence and understanding of my body, and I think this is the key to being relaxed and not feeling out of control throughout labour.

L. Galloso, First Baby

Beverley Turner is a passionate advocate of informed choice, woman-centred care and positive birth experiences for women. She also has a wicked sense of humour and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Who better to run an ante-natal class?!  The Happy Birth Club has gathered together some of the best and finest birth experts in the UK – the sort who, rather than giving a dry lecture, will really know how to empower women to realise that they already possess all of the knowledge and wisdom they need to give birth. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly.

Milli Hill, Founder of the Positive Birth Movement.