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Beverley Turner

Founder of The Happy Birth Club

Where you'll meet Bev

Co-hosting our Chiswick and White City ante-natal sessions with Midwives Emily & Rachel

About Bev

Whether it's writing for newspapers, magazines or talking to The Happy Birth Club, communication is at the heart of everything I do. Since I had my son 16 years ago (two girls followed who are now 8 & 10), I was drawn to use my love of great births alongside my love of words to help couples transition into parenthood. Whether it's through our book, our forthcoming podcast or - where it all began - our lovely little classes, I still feel privileged to be speaking to people on this daunting but amazing journey. After five years of evolution, we have now perfected our course and I'm genuinely proud of the service we offer: there are no rules, no embarrassment and no finger-wagging – but laughter is guaranteed.


Emily Stormonth Darling

Midwife, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist

Where you'll meet Emily

At all of our Chiswick and Teddington ante and post-natal sessions

About Emily

When Emily isn't running our Teddington and Chiswick courses, she is a midwife at Chelsea & Westminster, a qualified aromatherapist and specialist in Reflex Zone Therapy (RZT) for pregnancy and birth. Mum to a four-year-old son (and a dog!) she is based in West London, from where she runs her own business selling personal blends through Etsy and creating content for her successful Instagram account. A truly modern midwife, with women at the heart of all her work, Emily is loved by all the couples she teaches in Teddington and Chiswick.

Donald Gibb


Consultant Obstetrician

Where you'll meet Donald

On our Chiswick antenatal course at the 'Obtetrician-led class at our 'Birth' session

About Donald

Donald may have a million letters after his name but that’s not why I chose him for our team. He is ideal because he is the calmest, most insightful, woman-centred obstetrician in the UK. He has more than 35 years experience in NHS and private practice at The Birth Company. Our couples are privileged to have such a small gathering in which to benefit from his wisdom. His Harley Street’ ‘The Birth Company’ now has new premises in Cheshire and he treats over 2,500 women per year for scans and expert care. He also tells a great tale or two!

Megan Rossiter


Where you'll meet Megan

Running our 4 hour hypnobirthing workshops

About Megan

Hypnobirthing is helping thousands of women give birth more easily every day. Harnessing the power of the mind, eradicating negative fears and increasing confidence in your body is a skill for life - not just birth! It was paramount to me that we include the teaching of this skill and Megan is the perfect coach. She runs her own hypnobirthing school in Surrey, but caters for our West London members in our bespoke workshops. She always wins over even the most sceptical dads (and mums!) with her knowledge, warmth and teaching expertise. Meghan hosts our bespoke 4-hour Hypnobirthing workshop at The Riverside Gym in Chiswick.

Monika Lalewicz

Infant Baby Massage Instructor

Where you'll meet Monika

Running our Baby Massage courses in Chiswick, Teddington and John Lewis Westfield (White City)

About Monika 

Monika has been a nanny for over ten years and is also a fully qualified Infant Massage Instructor. Warm, welcoming and very relaxed, she is the perfect host for our classes. Always punctual and organised, Monika is a dream to work with and helps our new parents in any way she can. Having worked with babies for so long, she understands that they are not robots - sometimes they cry, get hungry or need a nappy change! Nothing fazes Monika and I know you'll love getting to know her.