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Classes resuming in our large, safe spaces from THIS WEEK! Classes resuming in our large, safe spaces from THIS WEEK!

Why Choose us?

  • FREE copy of The Happy Birth Book - a complete A-Z of pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Sessions in amazing locations in Chiswick, Teddington and John Lewis
  • Access to a midwife to discuss YOUR care and YOUR choices. Many other course providers will decline to comment on a woman's care, but we will hear your story and help you to decide what's best for you and your family -and more importantly how to get it! 
  • FREE mobile-friendly PDF on baby care and signs of illness, so you can check the facts in the small hours, not Google!
  • THREE social events organised for you and your group. All you have to o is turn up! 
  • The support doesn't stop once the course finishes, you will always be able to get in touch with your course midwife, and you group will stay in touch via the Whatsapp group that we will set up for you
  • Unique, evidence-based course content, covering every birth eventuality. Whether you want a homebirth, an elective section or something in between, you'll have all the facts from midwives and doctors. 
  • Discounted rate on our bespoke Hypnobirthing workshop and baby massage course