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The Happy Birth Club


Place of Birth,  Labour & Your Plan A

with Bev and Midwife Emily

Tuesday 29 September   7.30 - 9.30pm, The Little Gym, Chiswick

Why does your place of birth matter? What are your genuine options? Physiology & mental processes at work. When to go in, pain relief, birth preparation etc. Lots of time for questions and discussions.

Birth, Caesareans & Your Plan B

with Obstetrician Donald Gibb and Midwife Emily

Tuesday 6  October , 7.30 - 9.00pm, The Little Gym Chiswick

Hosted by world-class Obstetrician and midwife Emily, with time devoted to caesarean sections and recovery. Expanding upon previous session. Strep B testing kits given out. Inductions, assisted birth, pain relief etc.

Partners at Birth & Complementary Therapies 

with Midwife Emily 

Tuesday 13 October 7.30-9.30pm, The Little Gym Chiswick

One entertaining hour specifically on the role of birth partners. Followed by one interactive hour on aromatherapy and reflexology. Great fun and lots to learn!

Baby Feeding 

with Midwife Emily

Tuesday 20 October, 7.30-9.00pm, The Little Gym Chiswick

Everything you need to know about feeding your baby, whether you choose to breastfeed, formula feed, express, or a mix of all three! All options covered in depth to cater to everyone's needs. 

Newborn Health & Happiness

with Bev and Midwife Emily

Tuesday 27 October, 7.30-9.00pm, The Little Gym Chiswick

This newly added class will equip you to understand your baby and monitor for signs of illness. What is normal and what may be cause for concern? Safe sleeping habits, room temperature, nappy care, cord care, rashes, eye-care, cradle cap, vomiting, choking etc. Discussion and advice on the early days of returning from hospital, dealing with guests, emotional and identity impact, demands on your relationship etc

Pub lunch social

Sunday 1  November, 2.00pm, The City Barge Chiswick

Postnatal meet-up

with Midwife Emily 

Date TBC after all babies have been born, The City Barge Chiswick

Postnatal meet-up at The Little Gym for an exclusive class, just for your Happy Birth Club group. 

Date TBC for when the youngest baby of the group is 4 months old

Babies due December 2020

Price per couple

Babies due between 1 Dec- 31 Dec 2020

We welcome couples and people from Chiswick and all the surrounding areas including (but not limited to) Hammersmith, Acton, Gunnersbury Park, Ealing, Brentford & Isleworth.

5 antenatal sessions
1 social gathering
2 postnatal
meet ups 

Free copy of The Happy Birth Book

Ongoing Midwife support by phone and email


Our classes are unique. We provide invaluable continuity of care through midwife Emily as well as introducing you to a wide-range of local experts: an Obstetrician, Lactation Consultant, Birth Recovery Specialist, Doulas and Hypnotherapist. The very best in their fields, they will give you priority access to them if you want any extra support.

From the moment you sign up, we send you a copy of The Happy Birth book. Plus, your dedicated Midwife will be on hand to answer any questions by phone and email - there is nothing they haven't heard before!

We also offer our very own comprehensive 4-hour Hypnobirthing workshop which compliments our ante-natal course perfectly. Megan, our fully-qualified Hypnobirthing Coach will train you to cope with labour by harnessing the power of the mind, perfecting breathing techniques and learning to use visualisations. It is invaluable for any type of birth, including cesarean sections. Knowing how to stay calm is also useful for life as a parent! ⁣For further details and to book onto this course, click here. 



Bev Turner

Founder of The Happy Birth Club

About Bev

Whether it's writing for newspapers, magazines or talking to The Happy Birth Club, communication is at the heart of everything I do. Since I had my son 16 years ago (two girls followed who are now 8 & 10), I was drawn to use my love of great births alongside my love of words to help couples transition into parenthood. Whether it's through our book, our forthcoming podcast or - where it all began - our lovely little classes, I still feel privileged to be speaking to people on this daunting but amazing journey. After five years of evolution, we have now perfected our course and I'm genuinely proud of the service we offer: there are no rules, no embarrassment and no finger-wagging – but laughter is guaranteed.

Where you'll meet Bev

At our Chiswick antenatal sessions and the postnatal meet-up

Donald Gibb


About Pam

Donald may have a million letters after his name but that’s not why I chose him for our team. He is ideal because he is the calmest, most insightful, woman-centred obstetrician in the UK. He has more than 35 years experience in NHS and private practice at The Birth Company. Our couples are privileged to have such a small gathering in which to benefit from his wisdom. His Harley Street’ ‘The Birth Company’ now has new premises in Cheshire and he treats over 2,500 women per year for scans and expert care. He also tells a great tale or two!

Where you'll meet Donald

At our 'Obstetrician-led class on Birth' session


"Great informative classes in a relaxed environment exactly what we were looking for! Loved all the laughter from our group, who new antenatal could be so much fun! We felt comfortable asking any questions within the class as the environment was relaxed with partners included in conversations. The obstetrician led and the place of birth evenings were very informative and something I could not have found in a book."

Jenna Carter

"Really informative and done in a relaxed, fun & supportive way. Having spoken to friends who have done NCT, this is streets ahead. Being a first time Mum, all the information thrown at you can be a bit daunting but THBC covers everything you need to know and more without over whelming you and with a lot of laughs along the way. The added bonus of the amazing midwife being on hand is invaluable and was an enormous support to us when I had a few wobbles after the birth."

Lucie Young

"Amazing, holistic course covering pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding from all perspectives. Hypnobirthers, reflexologists, aromatherapists, obstetricians, nutritionists and more - honestly something for everyone to learn, from all angles! I cannot tell you how happy our birth was thanks to these classes. A fun, relaxed but informative way to prepare yourself for the most amazing experience of your lives!"

Lindsay Ratliff


Get organised before your baby arrives and book onto classes tailor-made for your due date! Secure your place now on our highly-popular post-natal sessions we pride ourselves on staying by your side even after your baby is born, at a time when you can feel lonely and isolated. As a new parent, you may be confused by conflicting advice so cut through the nonsense and stay with the team of practitioners you have come to trust. (NB - These classes are open to Non-Happy Birth Club members so book early to avoid missing out).

Any date that suits
you antenatally


to suit you

1-2 hour
home visit

Suitable for babies aged between
six weeks and one year old 



Do partners attend all sessions?
What's your cancellation policy?
What happens if I can't make one of the dates?
At what stage in pregnancy can I book onto the Hypnobirthing workshop?
Can I contact the midwife who teaches my course directly?


The City Barge

27 Strand-On-The-Green, Chiswick, London W4 3PH

Free parking in onsite car park and surrounding areas  
Chiswick overground (12 min)
Gunnersbury underground (16 min) 

The Little Gym Chiswick

University of Westminster Sports Ground, Hartington Road, W4 3AN

Free parking in onsite car park
Chiswick overground station (11 min)

The Happy Birth Club