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Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020
Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020
Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020
Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020
Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020
Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020
Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020

Teddington due Sept - Oct 2020

The Happy Birth Club

Price per couple




  • Place of Birth & Labour with Midwife Emily
  • Tuesday 12 November, 7.00 - 9.00pm
    The Park Hotel, Teddington 
  • Aromatherapy & Reflexology for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond 
    with Midwife Emily 
  • Tuesday 19 November, 7.30 - 9.00pm
    The Little Gym, Teddington
  • Pelvic floor preparation for birth and post-baby self-care 
    with Birth Recovery Specialist Maite
  • Tuesday 26 November, 7.30 - 9.00pm
    The Little Gym, Teddington
  • GP-led class on Birth with GP Eloise and Midwife Emily
  • Wednesday 4 November, 7.00 - 8.30pm
    The Park Hotel, Teddington
  • Breastfeeding with Lactation Consultant Rachel and Midwife Emily
  • Tuesday 10 December, 7.00 - 8.30pm
    The Park Hotel, Teddington
  • Partners at birth & Life with a baby with Midwife Emily and a returning Happy Birth Club couple to tell their birth story
  • Tuesday 17 December, 7.00 - 9.00pm
    The Park Hotel, Teddington
  • Pub lunch social
  • Sunday 15 December, 2.00pm
    The Park Hotel, Teddington
  • Post-natal meet-up with Midwife Emily
  • Post-natal date TBC
    The Park Hotel, Teddington

Who you'll meet on the course

Emily Stormonth Darling

Aromatherapist & Midwife

About Emily

When Emily isn't running our Teddington course, she is a midwife at Chelsea & Westminster, a qualified aromatherapist and specialist in Reflex Zone Therapy (RZT) for pregnancy and birth. Mum to a four-year-old son (and a dog!) she is based in West London, from where she runs her own business selling personal blends through Etsy and creating content for her successful Instagram account. A truly modern midwife, with women at the heart of all her work, Emily is loved by all the couples she teaches in Teddington and also meets in Chiswick where she hosts our complimentary therapies class. 

Where you'll meet Emily

At all of our ante-natal sessions and the post-natal meet-up

Maite Brines von Melle

Birth Recovery Specialist

Where you'll meet Maite

At our 'Pelvic floor preparation for birth and post-baby self-care' session

Dr Eloise Elphinstone


Where you'll meet Eloise

At our 'GP-led class on Birth' session

Rachel Gallimore

Lactation Consultant

Where you'll meet Rachel

At our 'Breastfeeding' session

What our couples say

"Great informative classes in a relaxed environment exactly what we were looking for! Loved all the laughter from our group, who new antenatal could be so much fun! We felt comfortable asking any questions within the class as the environment was relaxed with partners included in conversations. The obstetrician led and the place of birth evenings were very informative and something I could not have found in a book."

Jenna Carter

"Really informative and done in a relaxed, fun & supportive way. Having spoken to friends who have done NCT, this is streets ahead. Being a first time Mum, all the information thrown at you can be a bit daunting but THBC covers everything you need to know and more without over whelming you and with a lot of laughs along the way. The added bonus of the amazing midwife being on hand is invaluable and was an enormous support to us when I had a few wobbles after the birth."

Lucie Young

"Amazing, holistic course covering pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding from all perspectives. Hypnobirthers, reflexologists, aromatherapists, obstetricians, nutritionists and more - honestly something for everyone to learn, from all angles! I cannot tell you how happy our birth was thanks to these classes. A fun, relaxed but informative way to prepare yourself for the most amazing experience of your lives!"

Lindsay Ratliff

Add on sessions

Get organised before your baby arrives and book onto classes tailor-made for your due date! Secure your place now on our highly-popular post-natal sessions we pride ourselves on staying by your side even after your baby is born, at a time when you can feel lonely and isolated. As a new parent, you may be confused by conflicting advice so cut through the nonsense and stay with the team of practitioners you have come to trust. (NB - These classes are open to Non-Happy Birth Club members so book early to avoid missing out).

17 November 2019


22 January 2020


to suit you

1-2 hour
home visit

Every Tues
7 Jan - 17 Feb 2020


14 October 2019


11 November 2019



Do partners attend all sessions?
What's your cancellation policy?
What happens if I can't make one of the dates?
At what stage in pregnancy can I book onto the Hypnobirthing workshop?
Can I contact the midwife who teaches my course directly?

Where will your sessions take place?

The Park Hotel Teddington

19 Park Road, Teddington, TW11 0AB

Free parking in onsite car park   
Teddington station (2 min)

The Little Gym Hampton

94-102 High Street, Hampton Hill, TW12 1NY

Pay and display parking in onsite car park
Fulwell overground station (11 min)

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